Timothy Armstrong is the creative force behind Armstrong Moving Pictures. Tim never stops building the Armstrong Moving Pictures brand - unequaled creativity; jaw-dropping and cost-effective production value, and a strong sense of duty to the client to deliver the absolutely best video possible.

 Timothy has always been interested in entertaining children and families. After the birth of his first daughter in 2001 he created the popular children’s series, “Wheels on the Bus,” starring Roger Daltrey of The Who.  Besides writing, producing and directing Timothy also co-wrote all the music, including ten new songs for Roger Daltrey.

 Timothy became interested in the world of female trick riding when he saw his daughters’ reaction to some performances the family attended. Timothy had always been fascinated by themes of children and their parents, so he crafted a story about a young girl searching for her father in the rodeo world. The result was 20th Century Fox's "Cowgirls 'N Angels," and its sequel, "Dakota's Summer."

 Timothy is presently busy working on numerous projects including two more feature films. He lives in Southern California with his wife, Celeste, and three young children Macy, Daniel and Lilly.

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